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Safe Laser devices have a new, special laser light source covered by a patent which emits polarised, coherent and monochromatic light like other lasers, but its light does not have parallel rays (scattered) and cannot be focused optically into a pointed light in contrast with the conventional lasers. This new technology is known as ‘Safe Laser Light’ (SLL), that is ‘Safe Laser Light’.

SafeLaser Devices

SL500 - Pain killer

SL150 - Family doctor

Main fields of application:

  • Ear complaints
  • Dental Problems
  • Joint pain and inflammation
  • Sport injuries
  • Diabetes
  • Allergy, asthma, hay fever
  • Circulatory disorders
  • Skin problems
  • Akne, wrinkles
  • Fatigue, weakness, recovery


✴Power: 150mW scattered laser radiation
✴Class-2 laser product
✴Wave length: 660nm (red light)

2 AA battery  operation

Acessories: Cosmetic head, veterinary eye attachment, fiber optic

Main fields of application: SL150 +

  • Deep tissues (4-5cm)
  • Sport injuries
  • Rheumatology
  • Dentistry
  • Muscle strain
  • Bruises
  • Haematomas
  • Fractures
  • Ligament, muscle, tendon rupture
  • Muscle soreness
  • Musculosceletal disorders
  • Arthrosis, gonarthrosis
  • Arthritis


✴Power: 500mW scattered laser radiation
✴Class-1 laser product
✴Wave length: 808nm laser + 4 pieces of  630nm LED

Rechargeable Li-on battery operation

Accessories: fiber optic, radiation-absorbing head, rubber adaptor ring 

Advantages of SafeLaser technology:

  • Harmless to the eyes
  • Comfortable: The laser therapy is feasible not only in clinics but also in your own home;
  • You can use it any time and anywhere you go
  • Short treatment time: a surface treatment time is only 3-5 minutes
  • Applying is painless
  • Non-contact treatment is possible: eg at infected wounds, painful surfaces
  • No known adverse side effects
  • Shortens recovery time
  • Can be combined with any other therapy
  • 3 year warranty
Therapeutic Benefits of Soft-Laser Therapy

During the last 50 years numerous clinical studies and research trials have been conducted on the beneficial effects of laser therapy for a whole host of clinical conditions. The following is a simplified list of the more widely studied biological effects of Soft-Laser Therapy.

1. Pain Relief
Soft-Laser Therapy relieves pain through several different biological mechanisms:
1. Laser Therapy blocks the pain signals transmitted from injured parts of the body to the brain. This decreases nerve sensitivity and significantly reduces the perception of pain.
2. Laser Therapy also reduces pain by decreasing inflammation and swelling. This mechanism not “just” reduces the pain but speeds up the healing processes.
3. Laser Therapy also reduces pain by increasing the production and release of endorphins and enkephalins which are natural pain-relieving chemicals within our bodies.

2. Inflammation Reduction

Soft-Laser Therapy causes the smaller arteries and lymph vessels of the body to increase in size – a mechanism called vasodilation. This increased vasodilation allows inflammation, swelling and edema to be cleared away from injury sites more effectively. Vasodilation of lymph vessels also promotes lymphatic drainage which also aids in this vital healing process. Bruising is often resolved more quickly as a result of this particular biological effect.

3. Faster Wound Healing

Soft-Laser Therapy stimulates the production of fibroblasts which are the building blocks needed to create collagen.
Collagen is the essential protein required to replace old tissue or to repair damaged tissue. Because of this effect
Laser Therapy is effective at treating open wounds and burns.

4. Accelerated Tissue Repair and Cell Growth

Photons of light emitted by therapeutic lasers penetrate deeply into the tissues of the body to stimulate the production centers of individual cells (mitochondria). This stimulation increases the energy available to these cells causing them to absorb nutrients and expel waste products more rapidly. This accelerates the repair of injured tissue leading to faster tendon, ligament and muscle healing.

5. Improved Blood Flow

Soft-Laser Therapy significantly increases the formation of new capillaries (tiny blood vessels) within damaged tissues. With more capillaries bringing more blood to the injury site healing is sped up, wounds are closed more rapidly and scar tissue formation is reduced.
6. Increased Metabolic Activity

Soft-Laser Therapy also has a profound impact on individual blood cells that pass through the laser beam during treatment. The laser light significantly increases the oxygen and nutrient load capacity of the red blood cells (RBCs).
This allows for increased metabolic activity and production of certain specific enzymes. Both of these effects can be felt across the entire body and are not just limited to the area exposed to the laser light.

7. Improved Nerve Function

1. Laser light speeds up the process of nerve cell regeneration which decreases the time necessary for nerve cells to heal after an injury.
2. Also increases the amplitude (strength) of action potentials (signals sent along nerve fibers) which improves overall nerve and muscle function. 
Both of these reasons explain why Laser Therapy is so beneficial at reducing the symptoms related to nerve injury – namely sharp pain, numbness, tingling and burning.

8. Reduced Formation of Scar Tissue

Laser reduces the formation of scar tissue (fibrous tissue) following tissue damage related to cuts, burns and surgery. It’s able to reduce this formation by speeding up the healing process, improving the blood flow to the injured area and more effectively carrying away waste products. Faster healing always leads to less scar tissue formation.

9. Enhanced Immune Function

Photons of laser light are directly absorbed by chromophores (molecular enzymes within cells) that are embedded within most cells of the body. This laser light absorption activates a specific enzymatic process that triggers the production of ATP. ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate) is the single most important form of energy that powers ALL chemical reactions within ALL cells of the body. Higher energy production leads to faster and more efficient function – especially true of immune-specific cells that are exposed to Laser Therapy.
This improved efficiency aids the immune system in fighting off undesirable microbes and pathogens.

Download official papers
Owners_manual SL150
EU Registration
You can find owners manual, and EU registration and conformity paper here.


Clinic of Police Headquarters Budapest

Medical Centre, Hungarian Defence Forces
Department Physiotherapy

We have been using Safe Laser appliances in our institution for 2 years. We have carried out an extensive study examining the effectiveness of the therapy, including hundreds of patients, during this period. We achieved results in the cases of the following symptoms and conditions during treatments:
Musculoskeletal disorders
  • arthritis – chronic inflammation in joints
  • rheumatoid arthritis – inflammation and pain
  • arthrosis
  • spondylarthrosis, lumboischialgy, slipped disc
  • tenosynovitis
  • epicondylitis humeri lateralis et medialis
  • Carpal- tunnel syndrom
  • de Quervain-syndrom
  • tendinitis
  • exostosis calcanei
  • haematoma in muscle or joint
  • contusio, distorsio
When treating acute and chronic musculoskeletal symptoms, the pain of the treated person had improved with such extent that the volume of medication could be significantly reduced or omitted. Rehabilitation and recovery time shortened significantly.
Other disorders:
  • rhinitis allergica
  • rhinitis
  • asthma
  • pharyngitis
  • otitis
  • tinnitus
  • ulcus cruris, decubitus
  • herpes, herpes zoster, psoriasis
  • eczema, dermatitis,
  • frostbite and burns

Patients needed less painkillers and antibiotics. Chronic symptoms, that could not be affected or were difficult to affect, improved. Healing time shortened significantly.

Summary of the results of surveys:
Using Safe Laser appliances is simple, it does not require specific qualification or security measures, but the completion of an appliance operation training is necessary, as well as compliance with indications and contraindications. In the case of an acute disease, 1-3 treatments are generally sufficient to achieve positive result. Thus the process does not develop to a chronic state that needs to be treated over a long period and at high costs. Patients tolerate the treatment well, because it does not have side effects, and that condition is especially important in the case of children. Treatment time is short; generally it takes 5-20 minutes. It appears appropriate to supplement any other physiotherapy. It can be applied as monotherapy or polytherapy. It is effective in relieving pain and shortening healing time. It reduces the need for drugs which results in a decrease in their occurrent side effects.

Prof. Dr. Sandra Sándor med.habil. Ph.D.
Head of Department Physiotherapy
Medical Centre, Hungarian Defence Forces

“We have been using the lasers since February 2015. During that time, we treated 1345 patients with the appliances. The overall majority of patients visited us because of their musculoskeletal symptoms: osteoarthritis, myositis (muscle inflammation), bursitis (inflammation of a bursa), contusions (bruises), distorsio, haematoma, epicondylitis humeri (tennis elbow), arthritis etc.

There also were patients with hay fever, tinnitus and vertigo (dizziness) in a very large number. We used the Safe Laser 150 appliance to treat allergy, hay fever, vertigo and tinnitus with very good results.
In cases of allergy and hay fever, we treated both nares for 5-5 minutes, once a day, for a week. The patients’ noses stopped running and they felt a lot better after a few days.
We treated two patients with vertigo; we used the laser on their ears for 5-5 minutes once a day, and on their nares for 5-5 minutes for two weeks. Their symptoms were improved after 4-5 sessions and were all gone after 9-10 sessions.

We applied the Safe Laser 500 Infra laser appliance in cases of musculoskeletal symptoms and postoperative wound healing. Postoperative wounds healed more quickly; after the second session, the wound looked like a one week old wound. We used the laser on the wound for 3-4 minutes, for two days, and we didn’t even have to use it afterwards because the wounds were healed clean.
We treated the areas, which were sore when touched, for 4-5 minutes in the cases of muscle pains, 4-5 times every day, then 2-3 times a week. When using laser therapy, the patients have healed faster than with physical therapy.
In cases of tennis elbow and golf elbow, we applied the laser on the sore spots for 4-5 minutes, 3-4 times a week. Patients became asymptomatic and their exercise capacity also increased after 4-5 sessions.

We healed painful spots in case of lumbago (lower back pain) for 5-6 minutes. In general, patients felt better after the second session. The overall majority of them became asymptomatic after 7-8 sessions.
In cases of knee symptoms, we used the appliance on the painful spots for 5-5 minutes, and then we also treated the patella (kneecap) and ham round on a daily basis. We have seen that walking gets easier and swelling goes down after the first session. Patients generally need 9-10 sessions to be asymptomatic.

In cases of shoulder pains, we always treated the upper arm muscle and the neck using the appliance on the painful spots for 3-3 minutes. Pain and mobility impairment of the shoulder is generally improved after the 3rd or 4th session. Then, at the end of the 8th or 10th session, it goes away.

Haematoma due to sport injuries fade in 3-4 days, and then clear up.
Overall, pain can be reduced and driven away with laser therapy in an effective way. Thereby the patients’ mobility impairment can be restored to the normal state sooner, even with limited use of drugs. That improves the patients’ psyche and quality of life, and also significantly reduces the time spent on sick live.”

Katalin Samu
Clinic of Police Headquarters Budapest
                      Hospitals using SafeLaser devices in Hungary

  • State Medical Centre - Central Hospital of the Hungarian Homeland Defence Forces – physiotherapy, rehabilitation) – Budapest, Hévíz
  • Sándor Péterffy street Hospital and Casualty Centre   - Casualty rehabilitation
  • Saint John Hospital-  traumatology unit
  •  National rheumatology and physiotherapy institute ORFI – radiology
  •  Semmelweis University, Dentistry, Paradontology clinic
  •  Semmelweis University, Optiometric clinic
  •  Bethesda Children's Hospital – rehabilitation unit
  •  Children's Hospital  of Buda rehabilitation unit
  •  Uzsoki Hospital central intensive unit
  •  Hospitaller order’s hospital- Buda Budai  – orthopedy unit
  •  Jávorszky Ödön Hospital Vác  – ear- nose-throat unit
  •  Central Medical unit of Police- Budapest
  •  GMC International Medical Training Centre     
Gallery - Flagship model-SafeLaser 500
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Gallery -SafeLaser 150
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    SL150 in box
  2. SL150 unboxed
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  3. SL150 unboxed
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Gallery -SafeLaser 150
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    Fiber optic
  2. cosmetic head
    cosmetic head