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Why become a sales partner of SafeLaser?
  1. 50 years of proven record
    The first laser device has been built in 1967, widespread all over the hospitals of the world, and since that time no negative impact or side effect has been recorded.
  2. It simply works
    More than 2000 units sold in the last 1,5 year only in Hungary, and no buyer complained. In fact as an average buyer gives 2-3 buying leads after some weeks of using.
  3. Enormous growing potential
    Although SafeLaser devices has a proven track of curing a number of diseases, we are running university tests to prove that Alzheimer and stroke can be succesfully treated with it.
  4. Attractive sales plans
    Either you are a solo sales personnel or a multinational sales organization we can provide you a highly rewarding system.
  5. No real competition..yet
    SafeLaser™ is the only handheld device which belongs to Class 1-2. lasers and deliver high performance at the same time with the friction of price of the hospital devices.
  6. Professional support
    We have a well developed educational system to every aspect of the business. The devices are nicely packaged, and very stable (Failure rate is below 0,01%).

Mission and Value statement

SafeLaser™ aims to help individuals to recover from serious illneses or protracted pains with the help of patented concentrated safe laser light technology.
We belive in fair business relationships. We offer a transparent, easy to follow business guideline. We enforce conflicts to be solved immadietly with respect and genuity. 
We only communicate what we proved already. Our reputation stands on being trustworthy all time.
We know that we have been using only 1% potential of the laser light yet. We are keen to explore new devices, new treatment methods to give more to our customers.
We are open to work with any institute to conduct studies. 
All our devices has been tested for years before release. We belive that the best business is the satisfied customer. 
We plan to grow step-by-step adjusting our organization to the needs of the market.

How to start?

1. Get familiar with the concept of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) 
You can find plenty of info here .
2. Choose the perfect sales plan for you ( Sales Plans .)
3. Try it. Buy our saleskit.  (Sales Plans.)  Find any disturbing problem around you. We give you detailed instruction how to best use the equipment .
4. Apply to one of the remaining seats. Set up your business plan, give us a forecast, provide records of your previous success.

5. Sign the contract for the chosen sales plan.
Our Team
  1. Phd. Károly Rózsa
    Internationally recognized scientist of laser treatment. He was part of the original team of Mr. Endre Mester, the fou . nder of soft-laser therapy. He developed the soft laser after 50 years of research. Member of the Hungarian Academy of Science, author of several articles and pleased lecturer of the biggest universities worldwide
  2. dr.Prof. Sándor Sandra
    Head of Reumatology in Medical Center- Hungarian Defence Forces. Well known author and international medical event organizer regarding Safe-laser treatment. Sandor is helping applicants to learn the treatment know-how.
  3. Károly Endrei
    With over 30 years of experience in Health care management, Karoly supported various health care institutes and solutions to achieve success. He is an expert of the Hungarian Parliament Welfare Committee since 2000.
  1. Tamás Rózsa
    Head of Research and development. Tamas is the key player of balancing R&D and sales activity.
  2. Balázs Endrei
    International business development. Your initial correspondence partner. With over 15 years of sales consultancy experience he is ready to help you the build up your SafeLaser Business.
  3. Péter Rák
    International finance management With over 15 years of financial and banking consultancy experience he is ready to help you with all the financial questions around SafeLaser Plans.