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Monthly Sales Plans
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    Individual sales expert
    You are a sales specialist You have a proven record either in: Selling medical devices Selling services in the medical field
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    You are running a medical (beauty correction clinic, dentist clinic, GP) ,a sport or any wellness related facility.You are willing to expand your income with offering SafeLaser treatments and sell the devices to your partners.
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    Territory manager
    You have an already working sales channel. You see a clear potential to sell the products in larger quantities. You can either choose: Specific geographical area Specific buyer profile
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    Exclusive Country manager
    You have the proven capacity to build out the sales process within one chosen country. You are to set up fruitful cooperation with local authorities and medical partners. Ask for availability!
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Special offer  Only €1898  net price + the VAT of your country (if applicable) 

Includes 4 hours of sales consultancy (in english), delivery to your spot and 1 month of "safety" to the district you are intended to be our partner.

The Saleskit contain the following items
SafeLaser 500+ all attachments: Rubber ring, fiber optic, radiation absorbing head
SafeLaser 150 + all attachments: Eye treatment adapter, cosmetic head, fiber optic


International, fixed minimum prices (including VAT)

SafeLaser 150

SafeLaser 500
✴Power: 500mW scattered laser radiation
✴Class-1 laser product
✴Wave length: 808nm laser + 4 pieces of    630nm LED

1515 EUR/piece 

✴Power: 150mW scattered laser radiation
✴Class-2 laser product
✴Wave length: 660nm (red light)

718 EUR/piece 

SafeLaser Eye Treatment adapter 
for veneterian use

SafeLaser 500 Fiber optic
✴Power: 140mW continuous radiation (outcome from fiber optic)
✴Treatment time: 30 seconds for 4 joule energy 
✴Rubber ring adapter is required to connect to Safe Laser 500 Infra

92 EUR/piece 

✴Patented optical arrangement safe for eye treatment! 
✴Treatment time: 3-3 minutes   
✴Easy to fit on Safe Laser 150 
✴50µW/cm2 power density is far less than the safe limits of  IEC 60825-1:2007) standard

310 EUR/piece 

SafeLaser 500 Rubber adapter ring 
SafeLaser 150 Fiber optic

To connect:
✴Fiber Optic for Safe Laser 500 Infra 
✴Radiation-absorbing head for Safe Laser 500 Infra

9 EUR/piece 

✴Power: 70mW continuous radiation (outcome from fiber optic)
✴Treatment time: 60 seconds for 4 joule energy 
✴Easy to fit on Safe Laser 150

92 EUR/piece 

SafeLaser 150 Cosmetic head

SafeLaser 500 Radiation-absorbing head  

92 EUR/piece 

✴Power: 25mW continuous radiation
✴Treatment time: 3 minutes for 4 joule energy
✴5 pcs pack
✴Rubber adapter ring is required to connect to SL500Infra

9 EUR/ 5 piece